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Sex tech area

CES has welcomed sex tech this year. But blink and you might miss it.

There are no more than half a dozen stands, and most are tucked away in a far corner of one of Las Vegas’s vast conference halls.

They are being hosted under the umbrella of the Health and Wellness zone.

Several feature innovative sex toys, while one – called Pulse – is demoing a dispenser that heats oils and gels.

But while the booths are well away from those of the big brands that dominate the room, their presence still represents a significant shift.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: January 10th, 2020



  1. Why does the world’s largest Consumer Electronics convention, hosted in Las Vegas no less, likely have a problem with Sex Tech, which they call “Health and Wellness”?
  2. Is health and wellness the right place for sex tech?

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