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Nreal glasses

A pair of hi-tech glasses that superimposes computer graphics over real-world views has emerged as one of the most lauded products of this year’s CES tech expo.

Nreal, the Chinese start-up involved, has confounded the expectations of many industry watchers with the quality of the images its Light glasses produces.

The firm still faces issues.

One tester said the glasses looked a bit “clunky”, and the company is being sued by Magic Leap, a rival.

But long-time CES attendee Ben Wood, an influential tech consultant, declared them the “product of the show”.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: January 10th, 2020



  1. These appear to be a successful attempt at Augmented Reality (AR). What’s the difference between Virtual Reality (VR) and AR?
  2. Why is AR actually more difficult than VR?

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