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A social media app geared toward the outdoor lives of Inuit launched Wednesday with features that tie traditional knowledge to smartphone technology. 

The Siku app and web platform, named after the Inuktitut word for sea ice, allows users to trade observations about dangerous conditions, document wildlife sightings and trade hunting stories.

It also integrates modern weather, sea ice and satellite imagery, while allowing travellers to add in the traditional terms for potentially perilous conditions using their own language.

The app was created by a team of developers assembled by the Arctic Eider Society, a charity based in Sanikiluaq, Nunavut, and launched at a conference in Halifax on Wednesday.

Joel Heath, the executive director of the society, says the project was born from a desire by Inuit elders to document and share oral history with young people.

Source: CBC News

Date: December 6th, 2019



  1. ” Inuit hunters are out on the ice or land most days gathering food for their communities, and they have unique needs that existing social media like Facebook and Twitter don’t address. ” One of the biggest things the app allows users to do is enter very specific ice conditions information. Are there any other communities (including communities of practice, for instance wildland firefighters) that could use this app?
  2. Why doesn’t Facebook and Twitter incorporate the features in this app?

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