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SpaceX sent another 60 satellites into orbit on Monday, one of many such launches the company hopes to conduct over the next year as it works to build a massive broadband-from-space business. A Falcon 9 rocket carrying the satellites took off from Florida’s Canaveral Air Force Station at 9:56 am ET. Later this morning, the company will confirm if the satellites successfully deployed in orbit. SpaceX’s internet constellation, called Starlink, will require hundreds of satellites working in tandem to provide seamless internet connections on the ground. The 60 satellites launched Monday will add to the dozens launched in May on the first Starlink flight, and the company plans to launch as many as 24 more missions next year as it builds up its network — adding more bandwidth and coverage area.

Source: CNN Technology News

Date: November 11th, 2019



  1. In the U.S. and Canada, who is most at threat from space-based internet services?
  2. Why do you think SpaceX wants to provide space-based internet services?
  3. Why are current internet services provides like Comcast and Verizon not aggressively pushing in to space-based internet?

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