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Scam artists are using phone numbers from more than a dozen federal government departments to defraud Canadians — making it look as if the calls are coming from legitimate government agencies and police departments — CBC News has learned.

Some of the calls tell potential victims that their social insurance numbers have been compromised. Others are told that they owe the government money and are in legal trouble.

To deceive potential victims who examine the numbers on incoming calls, the scammers spoof their calls so that they display the phone numbers of the relevant federal government departments. In many cases, a scammer tells a victim they will be getting a call from a police officer — then spoofs the call that comes in a few minutes later so that it appears to be coming from local police.

Source: CBC News

Date: November 8th, 2019



  1. How do scammers “spoof a phone number”?
  2. What sort of training could you give the employees at a company you work at to stop these sorts of scams?
  3. What sorts of exercises could you conduct at this employer to make sure the training was effective?

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