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Parsons Behle Lab is the latest example — the best indication I’ve come across recently, which provides solid evidence that the future of the legal market is already here, and within relatively easy reach of practitioners and law firms of all size.

Parsons Behle Lab is a technology spinoff that is still majority owned by Parsons Behle & Latimer, a regional law firm based in Salt Lake City, with 140 lawyers spread across 5 offices in the Mountain States.  It’s not the sort of firm that you would expect to be trailblazing market transformation, given its relatively modest resources compared to your typical globe-spanning AmLaw 100 firm.  But what Parsons Behle has demonstrated is that real vision matters far more than deep pockets when it comes to driving transformational change.

Source: Law Technology Digest

Date: November 4th, 2019



  1. The developer “himself readily admits that the technology behind the apps they have developed so far, is not ground breaking…  Instead, what makes the Lab’s platform utterly unique is the way it is changing the existing dynamics of the marketplace,  creating new entry points of business development and allowing lawyers and law firms to reinvent the way they work with clients and other law firms.”   This is a great description of Management Information Systems.  Frequently you don’t need anything “ground breaking” to “reinvent the way they [lawyers] work with clients.” It is not about being a programmer. It’s about understanding business and applying technology to a business problem.
    Do you have an ideas for applying technology to a business problem?
  2. Typically you will need to talk to programmers in order to develop an app. What are you doing to prepare yourself to do this?

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