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In 2013, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg released a 10-page white paper outlining his new vision, titled “Is Connectivity a Human Right?”. It contained “a rough proposal for how we can connect the next five billion people”,  with help from a consortium of tech companies christened Not only did Zuckerberg’s plan include broadening access to existing telecommunications networks, it even covered developing new technologies like solar-powered drones that would loiter over remote areas, beaming data connections to the people below.

Half the world’s population lives without a reliable internet connection, which limits their access to education, financial services, political engagement, free expression, and more.

Source: BBC Future

Date: October 31st. 2019



  1. What are the points for and against “connectivity being a human right?”
  2. Given connectivity to the internet only really started in 1993, isn’t it a bit outrageous to suggest that it is a human right?

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