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Larry Roberts' hand-drawn 1969 diagram of the potential Arpanet
The first, hand-drawn picture of the internet

Source: BBC Business

Date: October 17th, 2019



  1. “Adam Smith, the father of economics, would have been proud of the way Clark was taking advantage of specialisation and the division of labour – perhaps his defining idea. The existing mainframes would keep on doing what they already did well. The new minicomputers would be optimised to reliably handle the networking without breaking down.”
    This is the genius moment of the internet – let the existing, massive mainframe computers do what they already did, and use a new device to connect them together. What do we call this new device, which routes network traffic around the internet, today?
  2. In 1966, Bob Taylor, the boss of the Advance Research Programs Agency said “almost every conceivable item of computer hardware and software will be in the network” . Today we call this the Internet of Things (IoT). What is on the IoT?

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