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The cybersecurity company CrowdStrike, which has been at the center of false conspiracy theories since 2016, is once again in focus after a White House transcript published on Wednesday revealed President Donald Trump brought it up in his July call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.In a complaint released on Thursday by the intelligence community, a whistleblower expressed confusion about Trump’s references to the company.

Source: CNN Technology News

Date: September 26th, 2019

Link (the video is not related to the article):


“the FBI, when investigating the hack, looked at CrowdStrike’s “imaged” servers — a direct copy — rather than physically taking the servers themselves. But that’s the FBI’s official guidance or investigating cybercrime — it’s faster and it doesn’t require the victim to completely halt their operations while the FBI takes months, or possibly years, to return those servers. “
1) Why do you think the FBI is okay looking at “direct copies” of CrowdStrike’s servers instead of the actual servers?
2) Does it actually matter to a company like CrowdStrike, which likely has thousands if not tens of thousands of servers, that the FBI take the original, source servers?
3) The article suggests that using “imaged servers” is “faster”. What do they mean, and is this possibly not true?

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