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In the digital era, businesses now rely on a staggering number of critical applications to support their operations, so the need for rapid, flexible software development is directly connected to business success. Application updates are more frequent than ever, change is continuous, and everyone expects tomorrow’s functionality today.

This need to improve—and improve faster—has pushed the issue of software development outside the realm of the IT floor. “Much like cybersecurity over the past decade, we believe software development is emerging as a board-level discussion,” says Keith Weiss, head of Morgan Stanley’s U.S. software research team. “Business leaders increasingly recognize the close tie between how quickly a company can bring new software to market and their level of differentiation and competitiveness.”

Source: Morgan Stanley

Date: September 12th, 2019



  1. ” more companies are adopting new concepts such as agile development and DevOps—what Weiss and his team call “New Stack” software development methodologies—that drive higher developer productivity, more complete automation and, ultimately, faster software development. ” What are you doing to better understand software development methodologies?
  2. Why should every business student understand at least the basics of software development?

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