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Quantum computers have long been touted as incredibly powerful machines that will be able to solve hugely complex computational problems much faster than any computer we have available today. But no-one can agree on the best way to make them. Who will win the race?

Superfast quantum computers could speed up the discovery of new medicines, crack the most complex cryptographic security systems, design new materials, model climate change, and supercharge artificial intelligence, computer scientists say.

But there’s currently no consensus on the best way to make them or how to make them available to the mass market.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: September 7th, 2018

Link (page includes several short videos on quantum computing):


1) The article notes that “Moore’s Law … is finally breaking down.”  What is Moore’s Law, and how is it important in information systems and technology?

2) What are some of the issues arising if quantum computers can “crack the most complex cryptographic security systems”?

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