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spot mini updated

SpotMini, the robotic dog and social media sensation, is looking for a job.

Boston Dynamics, the company behind the cybernetic canine, excels at two things: designing cool robots, and making viral videos of them in action. SpotMini has racked up an impressive 30 million YouTube views in just a few years, and a photo of the robot strolling along side Jeff Bezosblew up on Twitter in March.

But Boston Dynamics CEO Marc Raibert thinks its time for his social media star to earn a real living. Goodbye, relaxing walks with tech titans. Hello, windowless warehouses. Raibert sees the 66-pound robot thriving in construction, delivery jobs, security, and, eventually, homecare, and says the company plans to begin producing 1,000 of them annually by the middle of next year.

Source: CNN Technology News

Date: August 28th, 2018

Link (includes video):


1) “It’s up to all of you to think of the application”.  So, what sorts of applications can you think of for this robot dog?

2) Do you agree with the assessment that the immense complexity here has made this robot dog, with its attendant price tag, beyond the reach of businesses and consumers?

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