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Society is on the verge of a new industrial revolution – upending business, commerce, culture and nearly every other aspect of human life. Driving this revolution is the fusion of digital technology with the physical and biological worlds. Disruption is now a way of life that we all need to get use to.  Organizations like PwC are still learning how to harness artificial intelligence, robotics and other emerging technologies to best help our clients, our people, and society.

This whirlwind of new ideas offers unimagined opportunities and new threats, as organizations plan for an uncertain, tech-enabled future. While we don’t know exactly what this new world will look like, there is destined to be one constant: humans will be more crucial than ever in shaping, deploying and powering new technology.

Without the right people to guide it, investment in emerging technology is aimless and destined for failure. We need a talent pipeline that speaks the same language as the machines in their pockets.

Source: LinkedIn

Date: April 24th, 2018



1) “Candidates are most often lacking the data, tech and analytical skills needed to succeed in advanced digital settings. In fact, only 23 percent of educators believe their students will graduate with these essential skills.”  What are you doing to make sure you have the “data, tech and analytical skills needed to succeed”?

2) Which sectors of the economy and which jobs are going to be impacted by the increasing need for analytical skills?

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