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There is no proof that memories can be retrieved from a dead brain

A start-up that claims it will one day allow people to back-up their brains admits it will come at the ultimate price: death.  Nectome has said it will one day be capable of scanning the human brain and preserving it, perhaps running a deceased person’s mind as a computer simulation.  However, its current process requires a fresh brain.  The product is “100% fatal”,

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: April 6th, 2018



1) The ability to scan and preserve the brain has been a feature of sci-fi movies for decades.  How would you sell such a service to clients?

2) The technology is currently “100% fatal” meaning your brain dies during the process, along with you.  The article mentions that people who have chosen to take their own lives in a doctor-assisted method are currently testing this technology.   How ethical is this?

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