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A cellphone user thumbs through the privacy settings on a Facebook account in Ottawa on Wednesday. Limiting access by third-party apps is one way users can help protect their privacy.

Facebook users who are worried about protecting their personal information in the wake of the alleged privacy breach by Cambridge Analytica have a few options at their disposal.

The U.K. data firm has denied any wrongdoing and Facebook has said that, while none of the information leaked was the result of a data breach, it did appear to involve the passing of personal information from Cambridge Analytica to a third party when that data was supposed to have been destroyed.

The scandal has hit Facebook’s stock price hard, and angry users have launched a social media campaign encouraging people to delete their accounts. Short of taking that step, there are also a few other things that can help to control how your personal information is used.

Source: CBC

Date: March 22nd, 2018



1) If you were managing technology at a company, how would you make sure the company’s employees followed all the instructions given in this article?

2) Is it appropriate for a technology manager to ask company employees to change settings on Facebook when Facebook is not part of their assigned work?

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