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A security bug that has infected thousands of smartphones has been uncovered by campaign group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).  Working with mobile security firm Lookout, researchers discovered that malware in fake messaging designed to look like WhatsApp and Signal had stolen gigabytes of data.  Targets included military personnel, activists, journalists and lawyers.  Researchers say they traced the malware to a Lebanese government building.  The threat, dubbed Dark Caracal by the researchers, looks as if it could come from a nation state and appears to use shared infrastructure linked to other nation-state hackers, the report said.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: February 1st. 2018



1) This hack arose because people downloaded and used “fake messaging designed to look like WhatsApp and Signal”.   How would you avoid this personally?

2) What sorts of controls or what sort of training could you put in at a company you work at to help employees avoid this hack?

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