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Pinterest, an app that allows users to create collections of photos, articles, recipes, videos and other images that are called 'pins,' is valued at $12 billion.

Valued at a staggering $12 billion, Pinterest is one of the digital world’s most successful platforms.

Yet somehow, the image-sharing app has managed to sidestep the pitfalls that have tripped up some of Silicon Valley’s other big players, such as Twitter and its trolls, Facebook and its fake news and YouTube and its filter failures.

Source: CBC News

Date: January 26th, 2018



1) Pinterest claims that by saying “”It’s not really about connecting and sharing with friends, as much as it is a resource for your own interests,” helps it not be trolled.  How can that work?

2) “The app reverses social media’s connection between the offline and online worlds by encouraging people to build things, cook things and make things, instead of just sharing their results in a photo or a status update.”  What other app ideas could help do this?

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