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Apple’s smart assistant, Siri, already taps into Shazam, allowing users to verbally ask: “What song is playing?” and has done so for more than three years.

But with growing competition between Apple Music and Spotify – which also ties into Shazam – Apple may have felt the need to secure the service rather than risk its Swedish rival or some other company buying it first.

Apple has said that Shazam is a “natural fit” for its streaming music platform.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: December 13th, 2017



1) It has been said that Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon present a real threat to almost any small company because the big 4 have the ability to buy just about anything they want.  What smaller companies could be under threat, and why?

2) Why might Shazam be a “natural fit” for Apple’s streaming music platform.

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