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Amid the dire – and somewhat overhyped – predictions of occupations that will be decimated by artificial intelligence and automation, there is one crumb of comfort. Yes, lorry drivers, translators and shop assistants are all under threat from the rise of the robots, but at least the lawyers are doomed too.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: November 1st, 2017



1) “There’s a lot of these cases and the information isn’t too complicated. For certain things like this you can ask a machine and it will do it far more speedily and efficiently than a human.”  In what other places or professions is there lots of information which is not too complicated?

2) “I was surprised to hear that none of the team had a background in computer science,”   Why should we, as students of MIS, not be surprised at all that none of the people developing this are computer science students?

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