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When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone in 2007, he said it was 5 years ahead of the competition and he was right. But after a decade, it’s starting to feel like Apple needs something big again. And now, on cue, here comes something big.

Source: Wired Magazine

Date: September 7th, 2017

Link to 5 minute 44 second video (advert in front):



1) The video suggests that the iPhone 1 back in 2007 was revolutionary.  Was it really?  How big a leap was it to go from having an actual keyboard on a phone to having a touchscreen keyboard? And how could anyone have NOT thought that putting a phone and camera together was not a good idea?

2) Almost every iPhone release has been just a sustaining innovation not a disruptive innovation according to Clayton Christensen.  Is there anything about the new iPhone that is disruptive, or is it just “providing more features to the top end customers”, which is the definition of a sustaining innovation according to Clayton Christensen?

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