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Jobs at tech companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook are the most sought-after roles around. But what type of employees are these companies looking to for?

Data analysis site Paysa looked at over 8,200 job posting and over 70,000 resumes at tech companies worth $10 billion or more to find what roles they are hiring for the most.

Source: CNBC

Date: September 1st, 2017



1) “Airbnb, Snap Inc., Twitter, Uber, Apple, Google and Microsoft are also hiring a large number of data analysts and data scientists. The ability to interpret and interact with data is a skill that many experts predict will be increasingly important as the workplace becomes more data-driven.”  Data Analysts frequently come from the MIS majors.  What sorts of course offerings does your school have around Data Analytics?

2) “Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet said, “I think a basic understanding of data analytics is incredibly important for this next generation of young people.”  What are you doing to improve your basic business skills around data analytics?

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