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The Hughes family in Manchester have quit their jobs and put everything they own into building a social network aimed solely at sports fans. But can they take on the giants?  “We see ourselves sitting at the top table with the big boys,” says father Perry Hughes confidently.  “We don’t think we’re taking on the competition.”  It might sound optimistic to put your family business in the same league as the multi-billion dollar social networks but the Hughes family certainly have the passion to give it a go.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: May 4th, 2017



1) “Their big idea is GameDay Xtra, which has the bold ambition of hosting a page for every single sports team and player in the world – with even the humblest of leagues able to share their own news.”  Every player in the world?  How is this scalable?

2) What is it that sets GameDay Xtra from Facebook Sports Stadium?

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