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Facebook is using its new camera tools to launch its own augmented reality platform. Instead of putting on goggles, you will hold up your smartphone and watch as it overlays graphics on the world in front of you in real time.

You can add sharks swimming around your morning coffee, or a virtual mug to your table to feel less alone. Add effects to a room, like dripping paintings or rain clouds, and pop-up informational boxes for products or locations. It uses precise location detection, 3D effects and object recognition to make the moving effects work.

Source: CNN Technology News

Date: May 4th, 2017

Link to video and article:


1) Is there really any point to being able to “add a virtual mug to your table to feel less alone”?

2) Second Life ( has been around for over a decade with a complete virtual environment.  Why has Facebook taken so long to enter this space?

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