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A new study has revealed just how easy it is for hackers to use the sensors in mobile devices to crack four-digit PINs and to access a wide variety of other information about users.

Cyber-security experts from Newcastle University in the U.K. found that once a mobile user visits a website, code embedded on the page could then use the phone’s motion and orientation sensors to correctly guess the users’ PIN. This worked on the first attempt 75 per cent of the time, and by the third try 94 per cent of the time.

Source: CBC

Date: April 18th, 2017



1) “There is “significant disparity” between the actual risk and perceived risk of having a compromised PIN”   What might be some of the actual risks of having a compromised PIN for your phone?

2) “Sensor technology is well ahead of any regulatory restrictions pertaining to our privacy,”    How could you play a role in improving regulation around this issue?

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