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There is a gaping hole in the digital defences that companies use to keep out cyber thieves. The hole is the global shortage of skilled staff that keeps security hardware running, analyses threats and kicks out intruders.  Currently, the global security industry is lacking about one million trained workers, suggests research by ISC2 – the industry body for security professionals. The deficit looks set to grow to 1.8 million within five years, it believes.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: March 15th, 2017



1) “If you look at the increase in automation of attack tools then you need to have an increase in automation in the tools we use to defend ourselves.”  What are you doing to prepare yourself to be a part of this new economy?

2) “Machine learning can correlate data from lots of different sources to give analysts a rounded view of whether a series of events constitutes a threat or not…It can get to know the usual ebbs and flows of data in an organisation and what staff typically get up to at different times of the day.”  This is the new “username/password” where the system recognizes who you are not from what you have (your username/password) which can be acquired pretty easily, but from what you do (which websites you go to, and when you go to them, typically) which is hard to find out and duplicate.  What sort of things would you include in an algorithm to learn who you are from a typical day at school on technology (computers, phones and such)?

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