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GOOGLE IS AMAZING at search and fantastic at turning those searches into ad dollars. The other great coup Google has pulled off in its rise to become the world’s second-most valuable company? Convincing the world that its way of advertising is the best way. But a new period of doubt is setting in.

After multiple instances of flawed or false reporting by tech giants, marketers are calling on digital platforms to be more transparent about whether their ads show up as planned and whether people actually see them.

Source: Wired Magazine

Date: February 21st, 2017



1) “If advertisers want to use our platforms, our stuff [should be] accredited, audited, and trustworthy,” says Google.  How might you audit Google’s ad statistics?

2)   Back in 1994 I was out at Yahoo! trying to sell almost exactly this service to them.  Why do you think it has taken over 20 years to get to this point?

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