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In the Disney Pixar animation The Incredibles, the daughter in the family of superheroes, Violet, has a particular superpower.  She can create a protective force field around herself – an impenetrable bubble. She can also make herself invisible.  Businesses trying to ward off millions of dangerous cyber-attacks in an increasingly connected world probably wish they had the same superpower.  Well, perhaps now, they do.  A cybersecurity firm called Bromium reckons its technology can protect laptop and desktop users in large organisations against malware hidden in email attachments and compromised websites.  It does this through a process called micro-virtualisation.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: February 14th, 2017



1) “Every time you open a document or visit a website, Bromium creates a mini protected virtual environment for each task – like a series of Violet’s bubbles.  Even if you’ve clicked on an email link containing a virus, there’s nowhere for that malware to go because it is isolated within its bubble. It cannot infect the rest of the machine or penetrate the corporate network.”   Do you understand how virtualization works on a computer?  Look this up on Wikipedia if you do not:

2) What might be the issues of virtualization a process on your computer?

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