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In Asia, electronic trash has reached new heights.  A growing number of gadgets — and more people who can afford to buy them — has led to a 63% increase in electronic waste in Asia, according to a study from the United Nations University. And that’s only in the past five years.  Phones, computers and other appliances have contributed to 12.3 million tons of e-waste generated across the continent between 2010 and 2015. China alone more than doubled its electronic trash within that time frame.  Shorter lifespans of technology, and therefore the need for replacements, is cited as another reason why e-trash is growing in Asia.

Source: CNN Technology

Date: January 17th, 2017



1) Do you think the level of waste in the US or Canada is increasing at the same rate as Asia, or not?

2) Should the costs of disposal be built into the price of products?  How would that “taxation” work?

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