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When he split up with his girlfriend, Anthony Paine needed to store his stuff somewhere fast.  As he shut the door of their flat for the final time, the irony struck him that there must be lots of people with space to spare nearby, if only he could connect with them.  So he and his business partner David Mantle began their mission to create a kind of Airbnb for storage.  The result was Stashbee, a company that links people with spare garage and attic space with those looking for cheap storage.  It is one of a growing number of storage start-ups worldwide testing the boundaries of the tech-fuelled sharing economy.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: December 16th, 2016



1) This matching of what people have with what people want is driving Uber, Airbnb and such.  What else could be matched?

2) Is there anything that can’t be match-apped?

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