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When cybersecurity firm Imperva asked one of its banking clients how many apps it thought its staff were using, the firm estimated between 75 and 100 in total. The figure was actually closer to 800.  Why does this matter?

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: October 18th, 2016



1) “Cloud-based apps often gain access to the camera, location, data and contacts on your phone. So you never know how much sensitive company information they may be snaffling.  We could be giving hackers, fraudsters and spies the keys to our company’s back door, particularly if we naively use the same log-in details for external apps as we do for internal work apps.”  Should the company you work for be allowed to limit / refuse / check what apps you have on your personal phone that you bring into the workplace?

2) Why do you use the same log-in details for “play” apps and “work” apps, and how might you stop doing this?

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