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Diane Greene, Google Cloud Chief


The search giant Google said on Tuesday that problems with its Central U.S.-based data center region on August 11 led to some of its cloud-computing customers experiencing errors and delays in their service. Google’s Central U.S.-based data center region is located in Council Bluffs, Iowa., and the search giant has spent roughly $2.5 billion building it out.  The data center hiccup primarily impacted Google customers of its cloud-based app development tool Google App Engine. Google said 18% of customer apps hosted in its Central data center region saw error rates of 10% to 50% for roughly two hours. Another 14% of customer apps experienced error rates of 1% to 10%.

Source: Fortune Technology

Date: August 24th, 2016



1) 18% of customers had upto 50% error rates for 2 hours.  Is this an issue?  Imagine your app is Uber?

2) What can you do as a company if you use a cloud service provider to guard against issues like this?

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