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The first known selfie is believed to have been taken by photographer Robert Cornelius in 1839, but the term itself didn’t appear until 2002 when an Australian took a snap of himself at a party. Selfies were born.

But are they as harmless as they appear, and is there more to a selfie than first meets the eye? All digital images contain hidden metadata, some of it sensitive, which is available to anyone once your images are uploaded online.

Source: BBC

Date: May 24th, 2016



1) The article talks about Exif data “When you take a photo on any device, it creates both an image file and another file known as Exif data (exchangeable image file format).”  If you have never heard of this before, how do you feel about your smartphone provider building in this sort of hidden data to the devices you use?  Is it ethical?

2) How could you use Exif data to help a company you are working for?

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