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In a global population of over seven billion people, more than two billion of us use social media. It’s estimated that each day we send out over 300 million tweets and share 4.75 billion pieces of content on Facebook.  By liking a new Hollywood blockbuster here or tweeting about a visit to a restaurant there, we are helping to create an enormous pool of information about how we live our lives. Social media analysts are busy sifting through this to build up a detailed enough picture of our habits and preferences to allow them to accurately predict how we will behave in the future. Many say they already can – but how?

Source: BBC

Date: May 24th, 2016



1) A big part of what is going on here is the use of “data analytics”.  What is data analytics?

2) Information Systems are at the heart of what is going on in this “predicting the future” piece.  Even if you’re thinking of going into Finance, Accounting or Marketing, shouldn’t Information Systems be at the core of your studies?

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