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QR Memories offers stainless steel QR codes which can be attached to a grave and link through to a web page full of content provided by the person while they were still alive, or by their families.  “It’s not always the things we would expect,” says managing director Stephen Nimmo of the material uploaded.  “We have got some video from a lady’s funeral, the hymns that were sung and an old gentleman in a pub simply singing – seven minutes of him singing this song.”

Source: BBC Technology

Date: May 16, 2016



1) The idea of providing a QR sticker/plate for a gravestone is very interesting.  The company charges $250 for the plate and a webpage.  What other sorts of services could you provide like this using a QR code?

2) The ability to label anything with deep, online content is relatively new.  Are there privacy or ethical issues around this?

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