How online ‘influencers’ are changing the food industry

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It’s all about your followers on social media.  Thirteen-year-old Californian food blogger Chase Bailey – who has autism – has just written his first cookbook after gaining more than 200,000 views for his YouTube page, Chase ‘N Yur Face.  His weekly posts see him cooking new recipes, working with established chefs and teaching his thousands… Read more »

How ‘robo recruiters’ could affect your job prospects

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Next time you apply for a job, it could be a computer algorithm deciding whether or not you fit the bill.  This is because clever, self-learning programs are getting better than human recruiters at analysing vast amounts of data gleaned from application forms, CVs (curricula vitae or resumes), and social media profiles. Source: BBC Technology Date: May… Read more »

Is there a place for old tech in the 21st Century?

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It might have been the general consensus that the floppy disk, which was big in the 1980s, had had its day – but after the US government’s revelation that the technology remains in use at the Pentagon, enthusiasts wonder whether there is still a place for old tech in today’s hi-tech world? Source: BBC Technology Date: May… Read more »

The U.S. is still using floppy disks to run its nuclear program

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A new report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), which found that the Pentagon was still using 1970s-era computing systems that require “eight-inch floppy disks.”   Such disks were already becoming obsolete by the end of that decade, being edged out by smaller, non-floppy 3.5 to 5.25-inch disks, before being almost completely replaced by the CD… Read more »

Who is watching you online?

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Around 40 million UK adults – 78% of us – go online every day or almost every day. By posting on social media, booking tickets or buying a DVD, we add to the 2.3 billion gigabytes of internet data created daily.  The data trail we leave on our online journey says much about our habits… Read more »

Music and YouTube – an uneasy marriage

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During 2015 more music was consumed in all sorts of ways, from streaming video and audio to good old-fashioned vinyl.  There was just one problem – money earned from sales and streaming actually fell. And the industry knows who it blames – YouTube. Source: BBC Technology Date: May 20th, 2016 Link: Discussion 1) How does this YouTube… Read more »