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WileyBlogLike many Bostonians, Joann Becker uses her smartphone to find the nearest bus stop. Unfortunately, GPS is only accurate give or take 30-feet, and unlike most people, Becker can’t look up to see exactly where the bus is going to stop. Becker is blind.

Source: CNN Tech

Date: April 15th, 2016



1) The goal here is to solve the “last 30 feet problem” of smartphone GPS navigation by asking “sighted commuters to share more detailed information about bus stops they visit, such as the exact space where a bench or shelter is located. It will motivate people to contribute information by making it into a game or offering rewards like a discount on coffee.”  What other applications might there be of this ultra-precise smartphone GPS data?

2) Are there other ways to solve this problem than providing “exact space” data into an app?

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