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Digital technology could transform the way we design and build our homes and hopes that his project can do for buildings what Uber and AirBnB have done for the taxi and hotel industries respectively.

“There is something fundamentally wrong with our housing economy – our dependence on a few large development companies to buy the land, beat their way through local community resistance and build rows of poor quality, unsustainable mass housing that fewer and fewer of us can afford”

Source: BBC

Date: April 14th, 2016



1) The article suggests “The components for the house will not be manufactured in centralised factories but by a distributed network of small businesses and community spaces where people get together to create things (maker-spaces).”  Maker spaces already exist in many cities and towns, and many public libraries already have 3D printers which get used mostly by schoolkids, if at all.  Why will this idea succeed, or not?

2) Is this even an IT issue at all?

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