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Like everything from watches to refrigerators, cars are fast becoming internet-connected and laden with sensors monitoring their every move.  A “black box” can be found in millions of cars globally, now that more and more drivers are choosing so-called telematics insurance policies.  And these devices, that monitor speed, acceleration, braking, cornering – all aspects of our driving – are helping insurance companies weed out fraudulent “crash for cash” and personal injury claims, potentially saving the industry billions in losses every year.

Source: BBC News

Date: March 25th, 2016



1) What sort of privacy is a car driver giving up if they choose to have automobile-informatics determined auto insurance?

2) “Data analytics will be critical to understanding what happened – and determining liability – if, say, a driverless car collides with a pedestrian.”  Data Analytics seems to be everywhere.  What are you doing to become a productive member of the data analytics society?

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