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A new app called Nurx wants to make it dead simple to get hormonal birth control on-demand. The San Francisco startup wants to do for the pill what Instacart did for groceries and Uber did for cabs.

You don’t need a previous prescription to use the app. There is no physical examination and no time consuming trip to a doctor’s office. All that’s required is an online questionnaire. The information is sent to a partner doctor who writes a prescription, then Nurx fills and mails it. Your pills, patch or ring arrive within a day or two, and refills can be scheduled automatically.

Source: CNN Tech

Date: February 5th, 2016



1) Yet another “democratization app”.  Is there anything left that can be app’d to allow consumers to consume in a more friction-free manner?

2) The U.S. requires a prescription for birth control, and this app delivers this by  having the “information sent to a partner doctor who writes a prescription.”  Is this really a doctor writing a prescription for a patient, or is it the same as the “robo-signing” of mortgages that was responsible for the financial breakdown in 2008?

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