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People like Mark Luckie have made diversity in tech a big topic of conversation this year. Luckie, 32, left his job as manager of journalism and news at Twitter in May. In September, he penned a widely circulated Medium post on what it was like to work at a tech firm as a black man.

Source: CNN

Date: January 29th, 2019



1) “A major part of my career has been helping people realize their digital dreams using social media.” What can you learn from the career path Luckie has taken and how his path emerged?

2) In the article Luckie talks about his favourite app being “Book&Table, a newly launched app that connects on-demand tutors to students who need help with any number of school subjects. More than the app, it represents what I love so much about the new era of technology: a democratization of existing services.”  What app could you create as part of this “democratization of existing services”?

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