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Intensive programs like Dev, which says it’s the longest running coding bootcamp, are designed to morph you into as a job-ready, full-stack web developer, and immerses students into coding, starting with the very basics.

Source: Cambio

Date: November 26th, 2015



1) “I was just convinced that everyone was going to be coding on the computer all the time, not really interacting with people,” says student Angelita Graves, who majored in psychology and picked up a computer science minor her senior year. “I wish I understood that it is way more interactive. I do so much team building here.”   Why do you think there is so much team building going on when it comes to building apps?

2) “Code is a great tool; it’s not a means to end,” says Eleanor. “And I think what’s so important is that every company now is a tech company. Every company now uses technology and if you can understand that you’ll be a huge asset to whatever company you choose to work in.”  Do you agree, and what are doing about it?

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