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If Amazon chief Jeff Bezos were to go to Iran today, he would find a lot that looks very familiar. Digikala is an Amazon-style Iranian company offering free, same-day delivery of digital gadgets.

Set up by brothers Hamid and Saeed Mohammadi, it’s the country’s sixth most visited website, with a staff of 900 and about 850,000 visitors every day.

“Eight years ago, digital cameras were all the rage,” says Hamid. “My brother and I were looking to buy one, but we couldn’t find a single Farsi review online.”

Source: BBC Technology

Date: October 13th, 205



1) The article says “Despite the damage that sanctions have done to the Iranian economy overall, Digikala has no shortage of customers willing to spend big money on items like top-of-the range smartphones.”   It seems that keeping foreign firms like Amazon out has actually helped.  Does this make sense?

2) Are there other countries that might “benefit” from being disconnected from the rest of the world, and what could a U.S. (or other country) based firm do about this?

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