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The rise of the “gig economy” has given Democrats from Hillary Clinton on down a tough issue to wrestle with, one that wedges them uncomfortably between Silicon Valley money and millennial digital natives on one side, and organized labor and disempowered workers on the other — in a fight playing out largely in America’s deep-blue big cities.

Source: CNN

Date: September 9th, 2015



1) The article suggests that apps like Uber, which allow customers (like you) wanting a ride to connect with Uber-certified private drivers (like you), is something that is “bad for the Democrats”.   Why does the article think this is the case?

2) The “gig economy” and the “app economy” are allowing private citizens to connect directly with other private citizens to share something they value, without government oversight.  Companies providing these apps make lots of money, private citizens providing the services make lots of money, and private citizens using the services seem to love them.  How is government oversight useful, then?

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