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Intel has launched its latest range of processors, codenamed Skylake, targeting everything from high-powered gaming rigs to computers the size of a USB stick and smartphones. The “sixth generation” Core family promises improved performance, battery life and graphics-power thanks to a new microarchitecture. The chips have also been optimised to handle 4K videos better.

Source: BBC News

Date: September 3rd, 2015



1) Imagine you are responsible for all the computers in the business / information school you are studying at.  How does this news from Intel impact you and your future purchase decisions around software and technology?

2) As much as there is talk of “the demise of the computer” (usually in favor of handheld devices), apparently “Intel noted that there are more than 500 million computers in use that are four years old or older.”  Almost all of these computers will be in companies around the world.  How long is “too long” to continue to use old computers and what factors influence this?

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