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California-based technology fashion company, Electric Styles makes LED-shoes, light-up electro hoodies, bras, neckties and caps for the not-so-famous. “There is a cultural shift in fashion where the young generation is taking over,” said Electric Styles’ CEO Nick Kneuper. “Previously, you won’t be able to wear them because they were considered weird but people today want to be a little weird. It’s a form of expression.” Kneuper projects the company’s sales this year to grow two-fold to $2.5 million. Electric Styles has grown to a $10 million dollar clothing brand since its founding in 2012.

Source: CNN Tech

Date: September 1st, 2015





1) What might be some ways a company could use this technology to enhance safety or improve productivity (that is, how can this technology be used for something other than “cute”, “fashion”, or “marketing”)?

2) How might you personally use this technology other than for “cute”, “fashion”, or “marketing”?

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