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Technology has made life easier and more comfortable in countless ways over the past few hundred years. But a relatively new brand of fear mongering suggests the workplace will soon become too easy, making some human workers obsolete.

The rise of robots in different industries has led some experts to predict that artificial intelligence will take over a third of all existing jobs in just ten years. But historical data just doesn’t back that up. In fact, a U.K.-based study by economists at Deloitte, the world’s largest consulting firm, found that technology is actually responsible for the creation of a significant number of jobs, across a variety of industries, over the past century and a half. Although some sectors have seen a decline—namely, agriculture and manufacturing—the results show a net gain.

Source: Mental Floss

Date: August 22nd, 2015



1) The results “show a net gain”.  The word “net” here is critically important.  What types of jobs have robots helped create, and what types of jobs are they likely to create more of?

2) Does it matter that agriculture and manufacturing have seen a decline in the number of available jobs?

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