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“If you take a computer science degree or a game development degree, if there are a 100 people on that course and 90 are male then that influences our talent pool and who [we’re] going to hire” says Craig Duncan, studio head of Rare, a UK game development firm.

Gaming is not the only industry that wants to broaden the diversity of people who work in it, some police forces and big companies have been trying to do something similar as well.

Source: BBC Technology

Date: August 22nd, 2015



1) “The more diverse culture we have as a studio the better games we produce for everyone.”   What steps can a game studio take to reach out to a diverse culture?

2) Much of what is done in the Management Information Systems field has little to do with technology, and lots to do with risk and controls.  Why do you think there is a perception amongst many students that Management Information Systems is about technology?

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