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Internet Explorer has been used since 1996. Microsoft operating systems chief Joe Belfiore noted that the “e” icon “now has a completely different and better meaning than it has for a while.”

Unlike Internet Explorer, Edge will support modern browser functions, such as extensions. Microsoft showed off Edge extensions for the first time Wednesday, so it’s definitely starting way behind rival browsers Chrome and Firefox.

Source: CNN

Date: April 20th, 2015

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1) The article accompanying the video says “Windows 10 will be a free upgrade to anyone using Windows 7 or 8. By 2018, Microsoft said its goal is to have 1 billion people using Windows 10. That would make it by far the most used version of any operating system in existence. Right now, 500 million people are using Android KitKat — currently the OS version with the highest user base in the world.” Why does it matter which operating system is the most dominant on the planet?

2) Do you know which operating system(s) you are using? Should you know? Does it matter to a business which operating system(s) it has in place?

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