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The last part of a web address that follows the final dot, such as “.com”, “.org”, and “.net”, is referred to as a generic top level domain (gTLD).

The people who issue domain names are charging a $2,000 ‘sunrise’ premium to those wishing to register ‘.sucks’ addresses early, before the addresses go on sale to the general public [next month].

Source: BBC Tech News

Date: April 17th, 2015

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1) Taylor Swift is reported to have paid $2000 to register the domain name before the domain names go on sale to the public. This article suggests that the company that issues the domain names is exploiting their business position and selling these domains for way too much money. Do you agree?

2) The gTLD of .sucks really does not seem to be in the spirit of .com, .org and .gov. Should there be any restrictions on which gTLDs can be issued, and if so who would get to decide what goes on the restricted list?

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