More than a billion emails at State Department, but few saved

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The State Department’s government watchdog has released a review of its email record-keeping practices and concluded that the vast majority of emails sent by State personnel are not being preserved, possibly in violation of the Federal Records Act. Out of the billion emails sent by personnel in 2011, the Office of the Inspector General found… Read more »

March 15th, 2015 – “.com” is thirty years old

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On March 15th, 1985, the first .com to computer manufacturer Symbolics Inc. The picture above shows the ports on the back of a Symbolics 3600 that allowed it to be connected to the Internet. Source: CNN Tech Date: March 15th, 2015 Link (to paste into browser): Discussion As you look through the photos here,… Read more »

The Cicret Bracelet: Like a tablet…but on your skin

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With the Cicret Bracelet, you can make your skin your new touchscreen. Read your mails, play your favorite games, answer your calls, check the weather, find your way…Do whatever you want on your arm. Source: Date: March 12th, 2015 Link (to paste into web browser): Discussion 1) Obviously you would love one of… Read more »

The 414s: The Original Teenage Hackers

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It is 1983 and the movie “War Games” has just come out…and a group of teenage boy scouts hacks into several US Military computer systems. Source: CNN Date: March 7th, 2015 Link (to paste into browser to access the video): Discussion This is an historical short video